Here’s a listing of a few of my side projects.


hereby is a simple task runner, kinda like gulp or make, but much smaller (~500 lines). I created it during the conversion of TypeScript to modules so I could better represent the dependency graph of all of our build steps, as well as eliminate a huge swath of devDependencies.

Go ahead and use it, if you dare; the only user I plan on actually supporting is TypeScript itself, though some daring projects appear to have switched to it.


every-ts is a utility that can build and bisect any version / commit of TypeScript. It’s useful for finding which PR broke (or fixed) something, without figuring out how to build TypeScript.


pprof-it is wrapper for pprof, allowing for quick and easy profiling of Node programs that can be loaded into the pprof tooling. If I’m profiling something that can be run at the CLI, I’m using this.


esbuild-playground is “yet another” playground for esbuild. Like the TypeScript playground, it supports links and auto-compiles as you type. It’s very basic right now, but whenever I get some free time (hah) I’ll expand it.


pyright-action is a GitHub Action for pyright (a type checker for Python), allowing for fast execution through caching, plus PR comments for errors.